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    Halo House’s New Home
    Groundbreaking: Fall 2017


The Texas Medical Center (TMC) is the largest medical complex in the world and home to some of the the brighest minds in medicine. Those of us who live in Houston are blessed to have world-class cancer care nearby. In 2016 the MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDA) had over 30,000 patient visits from people battling leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. During treatment for these types of cancer, patients often must be immediately accessible (less than 15 minutes) to their treatment facility. For patients not from Houston, this expense can literally bankrupt them.

Halo House was founded in 2009 by MD Anderson’s Dr. Nathan Fowler because he was keenly aware of this need. For the past six + years, Halo House has been operating out of ten leased apartements. This has worked well as an interim step, but it was never contemplated to be the long-term solution. Apartments are provided to eligible patients for $20/day; an amount substantially lower than area hotels ($139-$229/night.) To date over 240 families have been served with over 15,000 days of housing. Every day there are between 85 and 100 people on our waiting list.

Due to this critical shortage of clean, affordable patient housing near the TMC, the overwhelming number of applications already received by Halo House (>2,200) and our desire to put in place a system that efficiently and cost-effectively provides housing for decades to come, Halo House is building a dedicated facility.

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