2014 Halo House Gala to be held Saturday, November 1

Cirque Imagination
Cirque Imagination

Make your reservation now to join us for the most fun gala in Houston – the 4th annual Halo House Gala.

The evening will include cocktails, dinner, and features entertainment by the very special Cirque Imagination.  Following the program the dance floor will then be available for the young and young at heart!

Come early to bid on original works of art, exquisite jewelry, “staycations,” travel packages, and so much more.

Click on this link to support Halo House by making your reservation now:  RESERVATIONS.   Special ticket pricing for early reservations, so make your reservation now!

Thanks to All for Helping Halo House Achieve the “7,000″ Milestone  

Why is the number 7,000 significant? 7,000 is the number of days of housing provided by Halo House so far!!! It is because of our generous donors and dedicated, hard-working volunteers, that we have been able to accomplish so much so quickly.

Tuesday Socials for Halo House Residents

Battling cancer in a new city, especially one as large and busy as Houston, can be overwhelming. For most of our Halo House families, they have had to leave their support system back home, hundreds or thousands of miles away. Their children, friends, and pets aren’t here to hug. Once a month our volunteers plan a get-together for Halo House families to share stories and make friends.

Social - group  Halo House Social July 10-2014  Halo House Social 6.18.14  Halo House Social 5.20.14

Dr. Nathan Fowler Appears on PBS’s “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” Series

PBS (2)

Halo House’s founder, Dr. Nathan Fowler, was selected to present information for Public Television’s special Health and Wellness series.  To view the video, which focuses on non-Hodgkins lymphoma, click on this link:   Dr. Fowler/PBS

“From Our Hearts to Yours”

The lovely ladies from the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston have been making quilts for our Halo House residents.  Each quilt is unique, beautiful, and lovingly made.  Each has a small tag saying “From our hearts to yours. The Quilt Guild of Greater Houston.”

Thank you to these creative and generous group of women who are helping to make Halo House not just a place to stay, but a home-away-from-home.

Quilt Guild Gals 2

Special Prayer Group (SPG) Gals Visit Halo House

The gals of SPG pledged to donate the funds to furnish one new Halo House apartment last year.  They recently completed that pledge in full, and made a site visit to the Halo House apartment they furnished.

SPG Ladies           Bonnie Branson, Garry Marin & others

The highlight of the day was meeting the Halo House patient, Bonnie Branson and her caregiver and best friend, Garry Marin.  “After meeting Bonnie and Garry during our visit to a Halo House apartment, the SPG ladies were excited to see their year’s work in fulfilling the pledge to furnish a new apartment.  We were humbled to hear about the many challenges patients face finding a place to live during treatment, and how Halo House has helped them. We plan to continue our work for Halo House and help see it into its future.” says SPG’s Julie Richardson.

Bonnie and Garry came from Ruidoso, New Mexico, for treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and stayed at Halo House.  They were here in Houston for 11 months before Bonnie passed away in May.

Halo House Welcomes 100th Family!

V apt 1013Halo House hit another milestone, welcoming our 100th family to a Halo House apartment, on December 17.  Carlos and his wife, Leider, are from Caracas, Venezuela, and they have been in Houston battling Carlos’ myeloma, for over a year.  Soft spoken and smiling, Carlos is determined to beat his cancer and get back home.  In the meantime, we are proud to be able to help.

Once a family is offered a Halo House apartment, they can stay with us for up to three months.  The average time a family must wait after applying for an apartment is 3 months from the time we receive their application.

To date, about 50% of the patients and caregivers we serve are from Texas, but we have had people from 18 states, and 3 foreign countries stay with us.  We wish we could do so much more.

What is Halo House?

Halo House is a public charity serving children and adults with blood cancers (leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma,) during the time the patient must live in Houston near the Texas Medical Center.

Halo House Foundation’s mission is to provide temporary housing to blood cancer patients while they are in active treatment at the Texas Medical Center (TMC).

Since we opened the doors to our first two apartments in January, 2011, Halo House has expanded from two to eight apartments, provided over 6,000 days of housing, and has helped 113 families from 18 states and three countries.

Unfortunately, the demand for our service is increasing. We have received hundreds of applications for help this year alone, and we are forced to turn away patients nearly every day.

We are currently providing housing in apartments we lease, but our long term goal is to build our own 22 unit apartment complex. We believe that owning a dedicated facility for patients and caregivers will enable us to provide housing at a low, sustainable, operating cost. Your donation will help us reach our goal!

 THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to all of you who have been a part of making Halo House possible.  We could not have done this without your generous support, your “hands-on” help, and your great ideas.

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