Making Life Easier For People With Leukemia, Lymphoma & Myeloma

Meet the Staff

Kathleen Fowler - EVP & Co-Founder


Kristen Stubbs - Executive Director

Kristen Stubbs, our new Executive Director, joined the Halo House team in January of this year and has jumped into her role with both feet. As a native Houstonian, Kristen’s roots in our community run deep.  She grew up with her 4 sisters and 1 brother in the Memorial neighborhood and lived in Houston until 1995 when she and her husband moved to Midland with his job. “Raising my two boys, Taylor and Cameron, in West Texas - where life was slower and people felt safer, was a wonderful experience – our sons were able to run around the neighborhood all day long with their friends, play football and baseball and truly have an idyllic childhood.” Kristen remarks.

She began her nonprofit career with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in Midland as a Special Events Coordinator and fell in love with nonprofit work. Kristen remained with the Society for nearly 15 years and has also served in leadership roles with the ALS Association, JDRF, and most recently the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation.

Kristen chose to apply for the ED position at Halo House Foundation for a variety of reasons but the one that was the most significant to her was wanting to give back in a way that was very personal and hit close to home. In 2015, her youngest son was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 25. The fear, shock, and heartache that she felt was almost unbearable but the realization finally hit her that her family was very blessed – they lived in the city with the best cancer care in the world and where Cameron would get the best treatment and, they could stay home while Cameron was being treated. Today, her son is cancer free and a newlywed!

If you happen to be in the area, please stop by to meet Kristen. You will recognize her by the Longhorn tags on her car and the pictures of her sons and her 9-year-old Golden Retriever, Mallory in her office!

Hannah Alfred - Operations Manager

Say hello to Hannah Alfred, Operations Manager for Halo House. Hannah joined our team in August 2018 and is from Montgomery, Texas on Lake Conroe – just an hour or so north of Houston. Even though she grew up in the “country”, she never felt far from the hustle and bustle of Houston. Hannah grew up doing volunteer work and recalls that her earliest volunteer job (at the age of 6) was visiting nursing homes and singing for the residents with a nonprofit called K-Kids. The desire to give back has never left her and has continued into adulthood.

Hannah graduated from Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas in 2018 with a B.A. in Social Entrepreneurship and a B.B.A. in Marketing. She started out her college career as a Finance major but after taking an Intro to Social Entrepreneurship course she learned that she could have the great career she’s always wanted while still doing good in the world. Throughout her college career, Hannah volunteered at the local women’s violence shelter where she learned of the horrors of human trafficking. Hannah put her degrees to use to create her Senior Capstone; a social venture focusing on the eradication of human trafficking through the education of high school and college age women. Because of her work on this project, Hannah developed an appreciation for the vast amount of work that goes into starting and supporting a young nonprofit organization. Seeing how far Halo House has come in just 11 short years, she knows it will continue to serve and grow exponentially. Hannah’s favorite part about working at Halo House is talking with the guests, hearing their journey, and knowing how much of an impact Halo House has made in their lives.

When Hannah is not at Halo House, she enjoys time with her family in Montgomery and going to musicals or watching old movies with her grandma. She has always had the travel bug and hopes to do a lot more of it in the future. Hannah also likes to garden with her parents, but the best part is watching their two Golden Retrievers, Maggie and Rosco, try (and successfully) sneak the fresh produce out of the buckets for themselves.

Lindsey Perryman - Administrative Manager

Lindsey Perryman, our Administrative Manager, joined the Halo House team in February of 2020. Lindsey is originally from Luling, TX. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in 2017 in Health Information Management from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, and in 2019 completed her Master’s degree in Public Health at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Growing up in Luling, Lindsey spent her childhood helping her dad around the Luling Oil Museum, a nonprofit museum that showcases the rich history of Luling, Texas. Lindsey took her love for nonprofits with her to college and thus ultimately decided to pursue a career in nonprofits. With her healthcare education, Lindsey found the perfect balance between nonprofits, management, and healthcare in her position at Halo House Foundation. Lindsey’s favorite part about working at Halo House, so far, is meeting the residents and feeling joy and satisfaction in her work to help provide housing to them during their time in treatment.

When she is not at Halo House, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her family in Luling and their 3 donkeys, Charro, Tamale, and Chuy, and trying out new restaurants in Houston with her boyfriend. Lindsey runs a small photography business and occasionally occupies her weekends and evenings taking photos of clients. Lindsey is also a cat mom to her 5-year-old sassy tabby with white paws named Archie.