Making Life Easier For People With Leukemia, Lymphoma & Myeloma

Halo House Naming & Dedication Opportunities

If you would like to name or dedicate a portion of the new Halo House home, see the available naming options below.

Give Now

Main Building $2,000,000
Lobby Reserved
Reception Desk $200,000
Program Center $250,000
Chapel Reserved
Activity Center $300,000
Fitness Center Reserved
Elevator Reserved
Covered Patio Reserved
Meditation Garden Reserved
Garden Court $300,000
Gazebo $150,000
Community Kitchen Reserved
2 Bedroom Apt. (4 total) $40,000/Each
1 Bedroom Apt. (28 available) $20,000/Each
Furnishings: 2 Bedroom Apt. (4 total) $15,000/Each
Furnishings: 1 Bedroom Apt. (28 total) $10,000/Each

Donor Wall, Lobby
Heart Shaped Plaque, Large $10,000/Each
Heart Shaped Plaque, Medium $7,500/Each
Heart Shaped Plaque, Small $5,000/Each

Entrance Area Benches Reserved
Garden Benches $10,000/Each
Covered Porch: Rocking Chairs $7,500/Each

Paver (16”x16”) $1,000/Each
Paver (8”x16”) $750/Each
Paver (8”x8”) $500/Each
Paver (8”x4”) $250/Each