Halo House Heroes

  • Steve Pierce

    Steve Pierce

    “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity” Proverbs 17:17 Halo House is a friend and brother to those most in need.

  • The Arthur Family

    The Arthur Family

    “Becoming a Halo House volunteer has been a truly rewarding experience. Our mom learned about Halo House after our grandmother passed away from multiple myeloma. She wanted to find a way to help others with blood cancers. This year it has become a great way for me, my sister, and our family to help in ...

  • Pat Ault

    Pat Ault

    "Thank you, it is an honor to serve the patients, and a pleasure to be a part of the Halo House Foundation family." -- Pat Ault

  • Kim Maulin

    Kim Maulin

    “I believe that patients from other areas will have the same opportunity, to be treated in Houston by some wonderful doctors, thanks to Halo House and their commitment to help patients find solutions for affordable housing during treatment.” -Kim Maulin

  • Warren Ashworth

    Warren Ashworth

    "I have had the opportunity to volunteer many places doing many things, but serving with Halo House has definitely been one of the most rewarding. The low cost housing that Halo House provides is so rich with warmth, compassion, and grace. Halo House removes much of the financial burden and allows their residents to focus ...