Making Life Easier For People With Leukemia, Lymphoma & Myeloma


  • Barbara Bowman


    “I have been incredibly fortunate to be involved with the Halo House since 2009. Being a Halo House Volunteer has given me the opportunity to meet incredibly dedicated individuals, brave and appreciative patients and families, and amazing professionals who have dedicated their lives to treating and curing cancer. I have first hand knowledge of the ...

  • Jessica H. Garcia


    "Watching HH grow has been incredibly rewarding; we've celebrated some wonderful milestones. I'm very proud to be involved with such a positive organization." - Jessica H. Garcia

  • Judy Pender


    "I am so blessed to be a volunteer at the Halo House, to be part of such an amazing ministry is so humbling. I'm so thankful that I can speak to our sponsors and share how Halo House was a MIRACLE for my sister, Carolyn and I, when we had no place to stay in ...

  • Benise Sigala


    When you first meet 27 year old Benise Sigala, what strikes you most about her is hergrace, her peaceful demeanor and her bright, joyful eyes! The picture of health, this young and vibrant wife and mother of two young children, was overcome in June 2014 with extreme fatigue and severe headaches that were constant. Benise, who ...

  • Carolyn Hanes and Judy Pender


    Not only do sisters, Carolyn Hanes and Judy Pender live close to one another in their home state of Louisiana, their hearts are also closely intertwined with deep affection and tenderness. Carolyn, a wife and mother, began her battle with cancer in the spring of 2016 with “terrible dizziness and severe headaches”, she says. She ...