About Us

Our Mission:

Halo House’s mission is to help save the lives of cancer patients battling leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma by providing them with fully furnished temporary housing at a very low cost while they are undergoing active treatment for their cancer at the Texas Medical Center.

About Us:

Monthly rent and expenses for our residents is just $750 and includes all furnishings which include a washer/dryer, kitchen and cleaning items, electricity, water, cable, Wi-Fi, free shuttle service, and security as compared to upwards of $3,000 a month at other extended stay locations.  At other extended stay hotels and facilities, families can expect to pay monthly for an apartment, furniture, electricity, water, cable, Wi-Fi, parking, etc. and in most cases live in less than desirable areas of town in rooms that are not secure and/or are not well maintained. Many other facilities only offer rooms with communal kitchens – a situation that is not ideal for immune compromised patients.

The emotional impact of suddenly needing a place to live is enormous. Coming to a strange city and not knowing the area and whether it is safe, clean, and secure can be crippling and Halo House eases that burden and offers comfort.  Halo House is not just a building; it is a home – a place that shelters, protects, and nurtures its occupants.

Our History:

Halo House was founded in 2009 Dr. Nathan Fowler, Kathleen Fowler and their friends and colleagues.  In 2010, Halo House received 501(c)(3) status and hosted their 1st fundraiser: a backyard “fiesta” where they raised over $13,000.  In 2011, Halo House welcomed families into their first 2 apartments and by 2016, Halo House had 10 apartments and 1 condo.  Construction on the building we now know as Halo House began in 2018.  We hosted our Grand Opening on May 15, 2019 and also moved in our very first family to the new building on that same day.  It has been an amazing 11 years thanks to our supporters and community and we can’t wait for the next 11 years and beyond!

Why is Halo House needed?

Families who receive a diagnosis of cancer face serious medical, emotional, and financial challenges. When care is unavailable locally, or local treatment has failed, many choose MD Anderson Cancer Center and other hospitals in the Texas Medical Center (TMC).

While these out-of-town families are in Houston, they usually need to stay in hotels or short term, fully furnished apartments. The cost for this housing can be crippling, and most health insurance does not cover housing.

With the average cost of a hotel near the TMC being well over $100 per day, and the number of people diagnosed with cancer increasing yearly, the need for low cost temporary housing near the TMC is great.

Several local churches and charities currently provide housing assistance, but the need is far greater than what is available, and the wait list time for an apartment is approximately three months – too long for people who need to start treatment immediately.

How does Halo House help?

Halo House Foundation is a non-profit organization serving people with blood cancers by mitigating a large portion of the financial burden associated with the cost of housing during the patient’s stay in Houston.

We do this by providing a welcoming, fully furnished apartments for $25 per day for a one bedroom apartment, and $35 per day for a two bedroom apartment. The patient and their family or caregiver can stay for a minimum of two weeks while receiving active treatment for their cancer.

Referrals to Halo House come from doctors, social workers, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Houston, and Houston’s other charitable facilities.

We believe that by providing a “home away from home” and easing the family’s financial burden, their focus can be directed toward healing. The family will be able to live together in an environment that offers both personal privacy and a sense of community.

Houston hospitals are served by Halo House

Halo House is open to people being treated at any hospital or cancer treatment center in the TMC.