Making Life Easier For People With Leukemia, Lymphoma & Myeloma

Halo House Heroes

  • Morgan Group

    Morgan Group

    “We are proud to be involved with the Morgan Group Gives Back committee. It was so heartwarming to know that Morgan could brighten the lives of your residents by donating and decorating your Christmas tree. Giving back to our community is important to Morgan and we look forward to planning an event with you ...

  • Tim Walch

    Tim Walch

    “I enjoy being a resource to people who really need me.” – Tim Walch

  • Ann Radtke

    Ann Radtke

    "To help bring a smile to the faces of people going through the hardest time in their lives warms my heart. I’m thankful to be a part of the Halo House community." -- Ann Radtke

  • Gerrie Daly

    Gerrie Daly

    “Halo House reminds me of the large family that I grew up in. The way that we came together was to sit down for meals at lunch and/or dinner. I want to share this special memory with the tenants, who are dealing with such a burden, and the staff, who care and give ...

  • Rick & Jan Scruggs

    Rick & Jan Scruggs

    "We began our relationship with Halo House in early 2013 from the patient end of the spectrum, coming from our home in Alabama to accept an apartment to begin treatment at MDACC. That relationship soon melded into a patient-volunteer one. Being a volunteer with HH has been a blessing and more rewarding than ...