Making Life Easier For People With Leukemia, Lymphoma & Myeloma

Halo House Heroes

  • Halo House Hero – Dixie Neidhardt

    Halo House Hero - Dixie Neidhardt

      Our Halo House Hero for the month of September is Dixie Neidhardt. Dixie is a friend of Halo House Founder, Kathleen Fowler, and just so happened to be searching for a volunteer opportunity around the time Halo House was founded. Dixie likes everything about Halo House but her favorite thing is the basic need that ...

  • Halo House Hero – Bill Kersten

    Halo House Hero - Bill Kersten

      Bill is our Halo House Hero for July.  Bill first learned about Halo House while he was volunteering at MD Anderson on the inpatient stem cell transplantation floor and talking to a stem cell patient who told him his wife was back at Halo House taking a nap.  Intrigued and curious to know what Halo House was, Bill googled ...

  • Halo House Hero – Tracy Rigo

    Halo House Hero - Tracy Rigo

      Tracy Rigo, our Halo House Hero for June is most definitely a “jack of all trades”.  It would not be an understatement to say that Tracy touches every aspect of Halo House operations and we couldn’t be more proud to highlight her this month.    Tracy first heard about Halo house in 2014 when her father, David Clifford, was in the hospital undergoing treatment for AML Leukemia.  Her father ...

  • Halo House Hero – Evelyn Martinez

    Halo House Hero - Evelyn Martinez

      Volunteers at Halo House add such amazing value to the experience that our guests have and we are proud to be able to shine the spotlight each month on one of our remarkable Halo House Heroes so they can be recognized for the extraordinary work that they do.    This month, our Halo House Hero is Evelyn Martinez, a young lady who drives all ...

  • Kathleen Berger

    Kathleen Berger

    “I love that what we do is life changing for those we help. Calling applicants to fill the apartments for Halo House, I am able to interact with them. The joy that I hear in their voices when I offer them an apartment is contagious! Occasionally someone will cry with relief that they have a ...