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Featured Family - Brandy Maas Hamel

Meet Brandy Hamel

Brandy was diagnosed with High Risk MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome) in early August of last year. She had only been married to her beloved “Mikey” for a little over a year when the terrible news arrived. Not finding an acceptable treatment option in Ohio, the family widened the search and found MD Anderson here in Houston. The only curative option for MDS is a Stem Cell Transplant. During our initial visit, the Stem Cell Team made it very clear that this was going to be a life changing event. That was an understatement. Brandy’s parents, Mary and Dave Maas are the long-term care givers and have been in Houston since mid-November.

“It was scary and a bit overwhelming to quit our jobs, pack up the house and find someone to watch our pets. We knew absolutely no one in the Houston area. It was a difficult decision, but in this family, no one fights alone” said Brandy’s mom, Mary.

The Stem Cell Team found a perfect 10/10 match donor, and the transplant was scheduled for late January. After a couple of unexpected setbacks, Brandy was able to receive her donor stem cells in early March. Her husband, Mike, came to Houston and was by her side during the entire pre-chemo and transplant period. It was a sad day when “Mikey” had to return to Ohio.

Brandy is now a few weeks post-transplant and you might see her walking the Halo House hallways or getting her exercise walking in the garden.

"The Halo House is a place of healing where you are encouraged and supported by others who are going through similar struggles. We have made some lifelong Halo House friends!"

- The Maas/Hamel Family

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