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Featured Family - The Habetz's

Meet Cindy and Mike

Married July 25, 1970, The Habetz's are happy to be home in Lafayette, Louisiana for their 53rd wedding anniversary after their stay at Halo House.

Mike was diagnosed with Myeloid Leukemia in September 2022. Though Mike was feeling well, his routine bloodwork suggested otherwise. After a bone marrow biopsy, his diagnosis was confirmed. After rounds of chemo, it was apparent that Mike needed a stem cell transplant. He and Cindy began their stay at Halo House to start the stem cell process, but soon learned of Mike's pulmonary embolism that set him back for his transplant. Cindy describes this unexpected setback as a gift they received of healing and getting to know the Halo House team better. Soon, he was on his way to his stem cell and a new life while Cindy became a Resident Manager at Halo House.

"God has blessed us greatly with Mike's steady recovery ahead of schedule with the beautiful, safe, comfortable, and loving environment of Halo House. We have been enriched by the people we have met and the dedicated team we have grown to love. I feel honored and blessed to have been called to serve this mission to make others know they are safe and loved in a difficult and often scary time in their lives.

Personally, Mike and I have been on a spiritual honeymoon. While we would never have opted for this journey through Leukemia, we have been richly blessed by this experience safe in God's love and the sanctuary of Halo House. Amen!"

-Cindy Habetz

Halo House former resident,

former Resident Manager, &

current permanent Volunteer


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