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Linda & Geary Cribbs

When Linda and Geary Cribbs came to Houston, they didn’t know anyone or their way around. They described visiting Houston for the first time as “shock and awe.” Linda and Geary had moved to Edmond, Oklahoma a few years ago to be closer to their children and before cancer came into the picture, Linda said they “Lived a retired life.”

Linda was diagnosed on December 12, 2017 in Oklahoma City with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and they immediately decided to come to MD Anderson Cancer Center. The Cribbs arrived at MD Anderson for their first appointment on December 19th. They were able to return home long enough to pack before returning to Houston on Christmas day. As of June 2018, they haven’t been back home since. Their children are caring for their yard and making sure the bills are paid back home.

Geary learned about Halo House in passing during a conversation with another gentleman at MD Anderson. After filling out Halo House’s online application, they were able to move into a Halo House apartment in late March. The Cribbs said that their Halo House apartment is “more like home rather than a hotel… It’s not depressing, it’s clean, and everything you need is here.” Geary went on to say that, “From a financial standpoint it’s a life-saver. Out of pocket drug expenses were $25,000 a month, plus all the expenses back home… it was helpful to find a place to live in at a lower cost.”

Since they can prepare their meals at home, Linda said Halo House has allowed them to, “Live a healthier lifestyle.” Plus, they’ve been able to have friends come visit. Finally, Linda and Geary said that their apartment is “Peaceful” and has been their greatest experience in Houston.


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