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Michelin Lipinski

Michelin is a remarkable woman. Not only is she beautiful, kind, and fun, she has given birth to 10 children who were between the ages of 3 and 19 years when she stayed at Halo House. You will often find her surrounded by the kids, sharing stories and laughter, or “holding court” as her husband, Myron, likes to call the gatherings. With friends in the Houston area, Myron and Michelin were initially able to stay with friends for a few months, but then her treatment required her to live within 15 minutes of the hospital. They worried about where they would stay and how they could afford to pay for it. “When we received the call from Halo House telling us they had an apartment for us, we thought we might just be able to make it,” said Myron. Michelin’s cancer is now in remission and she’s now back home in Kansas, hugging her kids every day!


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